33 Yorkville

Our solution was designed to meet the needs of Pemberton's newest project 33 Yorkville. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, The Automated Group is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that enhance the overall functionality and convenience of the building. Our pre-wiring services ensure that all necessary electrical and networking systems are in place during the construction process. This allows for a smooth and seamless installation process. 33 Yorkville will boast state-of-the-art street-to-suite access control though the Cybersuite X smart building app. Ultimately, providing advanced security features that keep residents and visitors safe and secure. Cybersuite X is designed to optimize energy usage, streamline maintenance processes, and enhance the overall comfort and convenience of building occupants through its extensive offering of community modules.


Pemberton Group




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform.