138 Yorkville

At the groundbreaking project of 138 Yorkville, a joint venture by Greybrook Realty Partners & First Capital, a comprehensive range of cutting-edge security solutions and modern amenities are slated for meticulous design, sourcing, and implementation by an expert team. The core of this security initiative involves the setup of an advanced smart Access Control and CCTV system, an integral component in providing continuous surveillance and amplified security across the property. Furthering this security paradigm, smart locks will be installed on all suite doors, thereby offering residents a heightened level of security in combination with the ease of modern technology. The strategy also includes the deployment of community-based modules and in-suite AV systems, fostering a sense of communal living while maximizing personal convenience. Importantly, all these elements will be harmoniously integrated within our groundbreaking smart building app, Cybersuite X, offering residents a centralized, user-friendly platform to access and control these advanced features. This transformation underscores the commitment of Greybrook Realty Partners & First Capital to position 138 Yorkville as a beacon of smart, connected living.


Greybrook Developments




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform.