50 scollard

At 50 Scollard, a visionary project led by Lanterra Developments, a comprehensive lineup of advanced security measures and lifestyle enhancements are set to be meticulously designed, supplied, and installed by a team of seasoned experts. Central to this strategy is the installation of a sophisticated smart Access Control and CCTV system, playing a pivotal role in ensuring unbroken surveillance and increased security across the property. Alongside this, smart locks are planned to be fitted onto every suite door, providing residents with a superior blend of advanced security and modern ease-of-use. The blueprint also includes the deployment of community-based modules and in-suite AV systems, fostering a strong sense of community while simultaneously optimizing personal convenience within each residence. Remarkably, all these features will be cohesively integrated into our revolutionary smart building app, Cybersuite X, creating a unified and intuitive platform for residents. This integration marks Lanterra Developments' commitment to pioneering smart, connected living at 50 Scollard.


Lanterra Developments




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform, Leak Detection.