Time & Space

The work carried out at Time & Space, an ambitious development project by the distinguished Pemberton Group, incorporated a complex array of security solutions expertly planned, provided, and implemented by a team of highly skilled professionals. Key to this security framework was the establishment of a cutting-edge Access Control and CCTV system, which served as a crucial component in maintaining constant surveillance and heightened security across the property. An additional layer of safety was introduced with the installation of smart locks on all suite doors, offering residents both enhanced security and modern convenience. A comprehensive Resident/Tenant Onboarding process was undertaken, effectively familiarizing them with the security procedures in place. Lastly, a proactive Life Safety Monitoring system was introduced, underlining the commitment to resident safety and ensuring immediate response during any potential emergencies.


Pemberton Group




Security Design, Supply & Install Access Control / CCTV, Smart Suite Door Locks, Building Key Management, Resident / Tenant Onboarding and Life Safety Monitoring