Glen Hill

At Glen Hill, an avant-garde project executed by Lanterra Developments, an extensive set of high-tech security measures is set to be meticulously planned, procured, and installed by a seasoned team of professionals. Central to this ambitious initiative is the roll-out of an advanced smart Access Control and CCTV system, aimed at ensuring continuous surveillance and heightened security throughout the premises. Additionally, all suite doors will be equipped with smart locks, offering residents an added layer of enhanced security coupled with modern technological convenience. Also included in the plan is the implementation of community-based modules, designed to foster a sense of unity and shared living among residents. Impressively, all these features will be fluidly integrated into our innovative smart building app, Cybersuite X, creating a unified, user-friendly interface for residents, thereby transforming Glen Hill into a blueprint of connected, modern living.


Lanterra Developments




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform.