Crosstown, an expansive and forward-thinking development spearheaded by Aspen Ridge, saw the strategic planning, procurement, and deployment of a broad spectrum of advanced security solutions by our skilled group of technical experts. The foundation of this sophisticated security infrastructure was the installation of a state-of-the-art Access Control and CCTV system, serving as an integral element in facilitating constant monitoring and increased security throughout this vast property. Safety measures were amplified with the incorporation of smart locks on every suite door, presenting residents with a fusion of enhanced security and modern practicality. To ensure a smooth transition for occupants, a thorough Resident/Tenant Onboarding process was meticulously executed, helping them become well-acquainted with the established security protocols. As a final touch, a vigilant Life Safety Monitoring system was rolled out, reinforcing Aspen Ridge's steadfast commitment to resident safety and ensuring an immediate response in the event of potential emergencies. This substantial project, Crosstown, truly exemplifies the convergence of scale, security, and sophistication.


Aspen Ridge




Security Design, Supply & Install Access Control / CCTV, Smart Suite Door Locks, Building Key Management, Resident / Tenant Onboarding and Life Safety Monitoring