89 Avenue

At the iconic 89 Avenue Road, a project led by Armour Heights Developments, a comprehensive range of high-tech security solutions and lifestyle enhancements are poised to be precisely designed, procured, and installed by our team of technical experts. The centerpiece of this project will be the implementation of a cutting-edge smart Access Control and CCTV system, a crucial tool in maintaining robust security and constant surveillance across the premises. Alongside this, smart locks are to be installed on all suite doors, offering residents an added layer of secure, intuitive living. An in-suite AV system will also be deployed, further integrating technology into every aspect of residents' lives. All these elements will be cohesively tied together with our groundbreaking smart building app, Cybersuite X, enabling residents to effortlessly manage these advanced features. Notably, this app will also be interlinked with a car stacking system to facilitate streamlined valet services, further demonstrating Armour Heights Developments' commitment to delivering a seamless, sophisticated living experience at 89 Avenue Road.


Armour Heights Developments




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform.