210 Bloor

At 210 Bloor, an innovative venture helmed by Tribute Communities, a comprehensive suite of advanced security solutions and technology integrations is set to be thoughtfully crafted, procured, and installed by a highly skilled team. The heart of this progressive design involves the development of a smart Access Control and CCTV system, playing a crucial role in ensuring sustained surveillance and elevated security across the property. Further reinforcing this secure environment, smart locks will be installed on all suite doors, providing residents with advanced, user-friendly security solutions. In addition, an in-suite AV system will be fitted, transforming each living space into a personal tech haven. Importantly, these elements will be seamlessly linked via our innovative smart building app, Cybersuite X. This app will enable residents to conveniently control and monitor all these smart features, ushering in a new era of interconnected living at 210 Bloor.


Tribute Communities




Pre-Wiring, Structured Cabling, Street to Suite Access Control, Smart Building Platform.